The security feature developed by ALISE DEVICES constitutes a real revolution in the High Security sector between the anti-counterfeiting solutions addressed to end users. It is a security element very easily identifiable, which does not require specific devices or special technology skills for its verification. 

Its crystal clear transparency is perfectly aligned with the transparent windows that are increasingly used in banknotes and ID documents. It is therefore a see-through solution allowing the inspector to see clearly the elements though the window. In this way we can exploit the principal advantage of a transparent windows, as it is the transparency

It is a very thin film (< 10 microns) that seems to be a simple coloured transparent plastic in daylight. However, when holding it in front of a polarized light source (any smartphone, tablet, laptop or LCTV screen…) invisible images until that time appear very clearly. 

High-resolution images with photograph quality can be generated on this thin film without any constrain in its design. There is no interference between the images recorded on each side during the inspection process and the crystal clear transparency is maintained all the time. 

This material is capable of withstanding high pressures and high temperatures and its extremely flexible, which makes it compatible with the most exigent manufacturing processes of banknotes and ID cards.